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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Blogroll Mashups

you live your life as if it's informed dissent

Deer Hunting with

How to Save the UFO Breakfast Recipients

The Hand That Holds The Rude Pundit

Another Day in the Drunken Monkey Style Empire

WTF is This Modern World

A Tiny Hullabaloo

EGR Radically Inept Negative Velocity

In a Dark Whiskey River

Rigorous scratchings

Sandhill Bush Watch

The Daily bmo


I tried to pick a favorite, but the field is tough, Bruce. To pick one feels like scorning the others. If forced at blog-point, I go with "In a Dark Whiskey River" and hope that a lifetime of prayer would make up for implicitly damning the rest.
If you are in a dark whiskey river, I recommend you take our daily bmo and call me in the morning. Of course, this will likely result in rigorous scratchings.

but, hey, nobody listens to me. That's why we have YARCHY.
People live on as memories. Sites live on as dead links. I'm honored you still link to I.D.

Had to quit it. Total immersion was corrosive to the soul. Now I stand on the banks of the River, watching the currents for signs of change while living a quiet life of stubborn dissent.
And I appreciate it, Michael. And I miss your site, but completely understand.

All the best.
Bored at work, Bruce? :)

Also: good to hear from you, Michael. You're missed, but, as Bruce says, it's understandable. Do take care and all.
Thank you both. I'll be around. After all, once you've looked behind the curtain, there's no going back.
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