The River

Monday, July 26, 2004

Art is the antidote to fear

No, it’s not Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, or Maya Angelou, it’s the good people of the Irregular Times. And they’ve made it available on a bumper sticker.

If we’re going to get this culture war started (and I’ve been waiting a loooong time; finally I had to take up a blog, but that’s a different story) the nation’s bumpers are as good a place as any to start.

Check out the collection. Can you imagine the whitie tightie rigthies coming up with anything half as clever? Would they produce a “Question Authority” bumper sticker? Would they think you should “Question Yourself” or “Question Your Assumptions”? (that applies to the far left as much as the far right, but that’s yet another story).

How about "Cod Lips America"? Sing it with me.

Or a flag sticker that says, “Disagree With Me? Well, FLAG, FLAG, FLAG, FLAG!!!!!!"

So when you see those stickers that say “I’m Patrioticker than YOU!” and “My Flag Has Way More Ripple Things Than Yours!” just shrug and say “I’ve been down so long, down don’t worry me.”

Then vote for Kerry just to piss ‘em off.


Hey readers, what's on your bumper?

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