The River

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Is this thing on?

The noise is us? Whataya mean the noise is us? The only noise you hear is your own fevered brain, my friend, so don’t go insulting a whole community. We’re expressing ourselves, and if you think that has to be pretty, well, maybe you’re better off staring at a river.

Tinkle, tinkle, tinkle. Swish, swish. Toot-tweeeet!

La di da. All noise, all the time, baby!

Can’t just slink off though, no, you have to flame everyone within earshot. Oh, it sounds all empathetic and sincere. Blogging has brought on ADD. It’s blogging’s fault there’s not enough time. Blogging ate my homework. Everybody sucks. They let the war happen. Weah, weah, weah.

Things are not funny anymore. Jesus. At least be original. Time to work. So work! Is that so difficult? Oh yeah, it is, as you are all too eager to tell anyone who’ll listen. “Look at this! Can you believe it! I have to work like common people!” And all this shit about hubris. Yeah, you should know.

Those America-lovin people are right: Grow up already.

Desert of the real. Look! He’s wandering in the desert! Look, everybody. No don’t, he doesn’t care. You all just go on with your delusion. (he checks sitemeter for the tenth time today).

Yeah, lighten up already. Would it kill you to smile? Seabiscuit sucks. Oh yeah, the river is wide, but not wide enough for a Hollywood movie. Nooooo.

You think, you think you’ve learned. You think maybe you’re special. NOW’s the time. THIS is it. Ha! Blogging sucks. No it doesn’t. Maybe a little. Maybe yes, maybe no.

Jesus H. Christ. Bump the needle, already. Dance with the one that brung yah, but learn some new steps.

Yah know, like, "here comes Seabiscuit. It's a perfect ride by Red Pollard. He's making it look easy, but you know, you understand. You've seen his journey, read his story, watched the movie, been to the snack bar, shed a tear or three, drove home. Hammered out a blog post. Took a walk. Sent an e-mail. Drank your coffee. Felt your feet ache. Watched the sunrise through the windshield. Hit the keys. Opened the program. Lost the bet. Washed the clothes. Wondered, wondered..."

Yeah, hit publish. Time for lunch.

The noise is us….jeez….

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