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Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Highly recommended

Politics. Big picture. Your part. My part. One- and two-word sentences are about all I can manage right now (but can still handle the hanging hyphen. go figure). Don't ask me why. Me Bruce. You...who are you, anyway? Part of this? Yeah, no, maybe. If you're reading this, you are. part of. something.

Steve Gilliard points out that Iraqis could be reading this. That Iraqis are just as aware of the criminal U.S. military enterprise to make a boatload of money the easy way, the way of the murderous dictator, as you and I. Whoever you are. You're connected. I know that. On the Net, I mean. Right now. We both are. Close. I could be whispering in your ear. OR I COULD SHOUT. Whatever. It's demonstrative. Of something. Connection. Mine to you. Iraq to the U.S. Why we must do a dance of death is beyond me. Well, no, it isn't.

Steve Gilliard (highly recommended) has the straight dope on how it's playing out. Interesting comments on his blog too. (and, no less, a great piece called The Perfect Breakfast. No permalinks. Look for it. You know I have good taste.)

There's isolation. There's the media mirage. The echo chamber. And then there's the Internet. A percusor to the people's globalization that is coming. Any day now. We are oh so connected, my friend.

Found Steve at The Smirking Chimp, which for some reason I haven't visited very much. Until now. That's where I found Peter Lee too. Chlora reminded me of the site. Maru has recommended it at times as well. Now me. Go. See ya. Come back though. I might miss you. Whoever you are.

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