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Thursday, October 30, 2003

Another great writer on the Net

Thank you, Vint, et. al. (Gore)

Peter Lee (Halcyon Days):

Thanks to the growing wariness of the American people and Congress, he [Bush] is hard pressed to deliver US financial commitments, even to Iraq.

Indeed, Bush is the temporary boss of an unstable autarky that is fiscally and militarily overstretched, and dependent on imported oil, manufactured goods, and capital.

Bush’s only trump card is America’s unanswerable and intimidating military might.

Just like the infomercial shills who claim their appliances can grill any meat or dice any vegetable, Bush rushes through Asia, touting his failed formula of escalating violence as a panacea. That’s pretty much all he has in his trick bag: arms, troops, and the threat that the United States can punish insufficiently supportive or warlike states by fomenting a military crisis anywhere it wants in the region.


via The Smirking Chimp

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